China S.M Materials Corporation(CMC) has been founded in 2013, It is a National High-tech Enterprise, a multiplying enterprise in Dongguan city, a Engineering Technology Research Centre in Guangdong Province, a Specialized, special and New Enterprise, and a IPO reserve enterprise of Dongguan city in 2022. has the industry's top R&D team, experienced production management team, and perfect sales technical service team. CMC has a complete product formula In the field of polymer sensitive solder resist, covering all kinds of PCB ink. Especially in automotive board, FPC and high precision, high resolution PCB and other high-end applications, CMC is far ahead of the domestic industry, the quality has reached or even surpassed the international advanced level.
CMC has been forging ahead for many years, has built the world's largest production capacity of intelligent, digital production base, and based on the deep understanding of solder mask ink design, manufacturing and application, put forward the concept of solder mask and legend process full automation, and provide customers with overall solutions, help PCB intelligent manufacturing.
Headquarters and R&D Centre (Dongguan city)
R&D Center of CMC, founded in 2013, consists of three departments including resin development department, ink development department and product application department. Based on the principle that taking market demand as the goal, theoretical foundation as the guide, and industry experience as the foundation, the center has achieved high-performance ink with high reliability and novelty. Up to date, the center has a strong and innovative R&D team that involves several doctors and masters and more than 10 engineers, in which bachelors is more than 70% in total. Also, the center covers an area of 30000 square meters, and has invested more than 30 million in research and development equipments, such as SEM, DMA, Malvern Mastersizer and so on, in order to provide accurate evaluations for the direction and control of the research and development in detail.
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China S.M (Heshan) Materials Corporation
CMC (Heshan) is a national high-tech enterprise, the company's only manufacturing base outside Dongguan city, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, including a world's most advanced fully automated resin synthesis plant, and a professional ink manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 14,000 tons of solder mask ink, its automation and digitalization has long led the global counterparts.
Our Advantages
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Development History
CMC Technology Was Established
Obtained the First Registered Trademark
Establishment of Suzhou Branch
Overseas Sales Department set up
Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise
Obtaining the First Invention Patent Authorization
Selected in Dongguan City Doubling Plan Enterprise
Heshan Manufacturing base Completed
Establishment of CMC Scheme
CMC Headquarters and R&D Center Completed
Listed Backup Enterprise in Dongguan
Unlimited Possibilities
Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Vision
To be the global leader in optical materials
To be a corporate that users praise
Corporate Mission
Focusing on the pain and difficulties of the industry and pioneering innovation
With the most competitive products and solutions
Continuing to create value for our customers
Contributing to the progress of China and the world's electronic information industry
Core Values
Customer Focused
Achieving both material and spiritual success for all staff
Taking the responsibility of giving back to the society
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Recruitment position Recruiting Number Salary Academic Requirements Experience Requirements Job Responsibilities
Service engineer 2name 120,000 yuan/year Bachelor degree or above 3 years

Requirements: Male, under 35 years old is preferred, full-time bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of circuit board ink welding prevention experience, can accept fresh graduates. Good health, no bad habits. Proficient in office software, with circuit board ink soldering experience or sales experience is preferred, chemical professional is preferred.

Job description: developing, contacting and visiting customers; Regular customer visits; Provide technical support to customers; Optimize the process of customers using the company's products;

Sales representative Multiple names 120,000 yuan/year Bachelor degree or above More than 3 years

Requirements: Male, under 35 years old preferred; Full-time bachelor degree or above, good language skills, good ability to develop new customers; Proficient in office software, more than 3 years of circuit board ink welding prevention experience and sales experience, chemical professional is preferred.

Job description: developing, contacting and visiting customers; Regular customer visits;

Reserve cadre ten 5500-8000 yuan/month Bachelor degree or above unlimited

Requirements: full-time bachelor degree or above, can accept fresh graduates. Good health, no bad habits. Proficient in office software, paint, fine chemical, polymer specialty is preferred.

Job content: Learn the operating process and knowledge of each unit. If you put forward suggestions to save cost effectively, once accepted, you will be rewarded with cash;

Promotion channels: After the training, according to the situation and performance, assigned to the business department, R & D Department, Quality Department, production Department as reserve cadres.


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