Introduction of R&D Center
China S.M Materials Corporation R&D Center, founded in 2013, consists of three departments including resin development department, ink development department and product application department. Based on the principle that taking market demand as the goal, theoretical foundation as the guide, and industry experience as the foundation, the center has achieved high-performance ink with high reliability and novelty. Up to date, the center has a strong and innovative R&D team that involves several doctors and masters and more than 10 engineers, in which bachelors is more than 70% in total. Also, the center covers an area of 30000 square meters, and has invested more than 30 million in research and development equipments, such as SEM, DMA, Malvern Mastersizer and so on, in order to provide accurate evaluations for the direction and control of the research and development in detail.
R&D Center of CMC keeps deepen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions, such as State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering (Sichuan University), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Industrial Technology Research Institute and so on, in order to promote continuous innovation.
Resin Synthesis and Development
Light-sensitive resin is the main body of UV-curing inks, which determines the main properties of the cured material. Resin selection, synthesis and quality control are important aspects of ink formulation design.
Design of Molecular Structures
Through computational chemistry and software simulation combined with industrial application experience, we design photosensitive resins with different main chain structures and side chain groups to match the molecular structure and physical properties and precisely regulate them to meet different application scenarios.
Synthesis Process Control
Through DOE experimental design, parallel experiments, destructive experiments and intensive experiments are designed to verify the optimal process conditions, process applicability and process reliability. The process package for mass production is obtained through small and pilot tests. The resin synthesis plant is digitally managed through the MES system from feeding to packaging, ensuring online control of product quality and batch stability.
Quality Control of Raw Materials and Finished Products
Cross-validation of raw materials and finished products by FTIR, GC, LC, NMR and other testing methods to obtain methods and standards for product quality control.
Development of Solder Mask Ink
UV-curing inks are obtained by physically blending and dispersing light-sensitive resins, various active components and additives evenly. The ink components, the state of dispersion and the colour all influence the quality of the product, the printing performance and the appearance.
Formulation Design
Optimisation of the physical properties of resins, reactive components and additives to regulate the rheology, printing, development and curing of inks.
Dispersion Process
For different resins, the filling crushing process and dispersion process are regulated to achieve uniform dispersion and long-term storage stability of the ink components.
Color Blending
Colour mixing based on the CIE colour space, taking into account the influence of substrates and fillers on colour coordinates, and the selection of suitable material combinations based on the light ageing mechanism.
Intellectual Property
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