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Solder mask and text is the last kilometre to open up the PCB industry to automation.
So far, the world does not have a truly fully automated production line for solder-proof and text.
Ink accounts for 2% of PCB costs, solder mask accounts for 10% of PCB costs, and solder mask-related troubles account for more than 50% of the PCB practitioners solder mask pain points empathy.
Based on a deep understanding of ink design, manufacturing and application, Yanmo strives to achieve full automation of solder maskh and text, helping PCB intelligent production.
Scheme advantage
Minimal employment
Survey of the industry's ten PCB factories at present, the average level of soldering & text process per capita monthly output value of 602㎡
Our aims to increase monthly output per capita to 3,750㎡ by significantly increasing equipment capacity and reducing the number of laborers
Lowest cost
According to the survey of ten PCB factories in the industry at present, the average cost of the welding resistance & text process is 59.15 yuan /㎡
We customizes exclusive solutions for customers, bears all hardware inputs alone, and promises customers a greater than 5% reduction in solder mask and text costs
Highest efficiency
A survey of ten PCB factories showed that the average process time of solder & text was 35 hours
Our target is pre-treatment of solder mask to text after baking out the board time is only 4 hours
Excellent quality
According to the survey of ten PCB factories in the industry, the average scrap rate of welding prevention and writing process is 0.95% and the wash rate is 1.89%
Our target is solder mask and text scrap rate 0.2%, rewash rate 0.5%
Quality First
Talent specialization, equipment talent specialization, process management specialization, DI exposure machine high-end equipment, fully automatic coating line, excellent operability, super high sensitivity, excellent functionality
Energy saving
VOC emission is reduced by 30%, energy saving by 50%, packaging material by 50%, hazardous waste by 90%, manpower by 75% and materials by 20%
Visualisation of the Manufacturing Process of the Solder Mask Process
End-user certification
Schneider Electric
Chinese science and technology
Partnerships Between Universities and National Laboratories
Sichuan University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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